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Querying a project's truth

Truth can be downloaded from the web UI as described in Download truth or through the API. The workflow is identical to downloading forecasts as described at forecast query format page) except for the following. (Note: data limits are the same as querying forecasts.)

Query format

The format is identical to querying forecasts except that only the four fields units, targets, timezeros, and as_of are allowed, which function identically.

Here's a full example:

{"units": ["US"],
 "targets": ["0 day ahead cum death", "1 day ahead cum death"],
 "timezeros": ["2020-05-14", "2020-05-09"],
  "as_of": "2021-05-10 12:00 UTC "

Data format

The truth is returned in the CSV format documented at Truth data format (CSV).